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DTG printing, or direct to garment printing, is a method of printing a digital picture directly into your clothing utilizing cutting-edge printing technology and inks. We can print any quantity order with extremely detailed full-color graphics at a minimal cost using this method.

Any design is achievable with our professional team of direct-to-garment printers. With every purchase, we guarantee great accuracy, fantastic consistency, phenomenal print output, and inexpensive pricing.

Direct to Garment Printing

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DTG Printing is best for vibrant graphics

Direct to Garment printing is the greatest option when you need vibrant graphics or photorealistic photos printed on a small number of Tee shirts or hoodies in a short amount of time.

DTG printers produce graphics or colorful designs on fabrics or clothing in a single pass using modern inkjet technology. Because DTG printing does not require any setup time, getting your tees or shirts printed at a lesser cost may be easier and quicker.

We are a DTG printer that serves a variety of company verticals. On cotton shirts, cotton-polyester mix shirts, and select tri-blend shirts, our expert printers provide unmatched direct-to-garment printing California service while keeping the highest quality levels.

Direct To Garment Process

Step 1: Prepare Artwork

It starts with a vector or raster file that your customer would want to have printed. In the case of direct-to-garment printing, files must first be reviewed for compression artifacts, color profiled, as well as going through a process of color correction unique to the garment color by a production artist in the art department. Once the file edits are done, it is sent off to the Direct to Garment (DTG) department to have a file prepared, that will be read and interpreted by the garment printer.

Step 2: Prepare Garment

This only applies to light-colored clothes that come right out of the package and go directly onto the printer. Employing specialized adhesives, effectively connects the shirt directly to the DTG platen, making sure that seams are straight and that the print surface is level with the platen to encourage equal dispersion of ink.

Step 3: Printing

Now for a small fusion of rest and tortured suspense; the physical effort is completed, but now the printer needs to apply up to three layers of ink in a consistent, uniform manner across 288 square inches (16×18 platen) with no mistakes.

Step 4: Drying & Final Quality Inspection

For white ink to cure effectively, it must be held at 356 degrees for at least 5 minutes. Then the clothing must be scrutinized for any defects. If the five P’s (Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance) have paid off, then the digital print expert and the client both are delighted with a, frankly, gorgeous digitally printed garment.

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We bring you a depth of knowledge and delightful skill in DTG printing, bespoke screen printing, and promotional goods distribution. We give exceptional printing service that any experienced DTG Printers Utah may expect, from helping you choose or design your artwork to providing bespoke DTG printing at competitive rates.

Our skilled DTG printers employ environmentally safe printing methods to provide full-color printing with no minimum orders. We make it simple to obtain high-quality, long-lasting designs flawlessly printed on cotton T-shirts or blended fabric apparel that feels super-soft and is comfortable to wear regularly.

Direct to Garment Printing

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We’ve been serving our customers for a long time. Our commitment to excellence has kept us moving forward and carving ourselves a niche in this sector. Whether it’s embroidery, screen printing, Direct to Garment printing, or supplying promotional products, we’ve always strived for excellence.

Our knowledgeable and devoted crew is always willing to go above and beyond to assist businesses in growing and receiving high-quality printing services in the most convenient manner possible.

So, whatever your DTG printing needs are, give us a call or send us an email with your specific requests. We guarantee that you will receive high-quality services at a reasonable cost.

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